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Dust 2 (de_dust2) Pre-Production for CS:GO

At Valve I was the Map Architect on the pre-production phase for the revamp of CS:GO's Dust 2 (de_dust2). Team goals were the following: 1) Upping the realism and moving the iconic map out its current Iraq-istan setting, look and feel. 2) A ground up rebuild. Looking at every aspect and asset (outside of the gameplay space) as beginning from scratch. 3) No restrictions on what was once indoor/outdoor space (allowing the freedom to propose opening once enclosed areas or making a interior space now a exterior one). 4) Re-theming of bombsites A and B with new narratives and supporting it through set dressing that is integral with the architecture. 5) Maintain the map layout, the gameplay ground, with its critical corners and sniper line of sights. This is a good example of how I, and another architect, used SketchUp during the look-dev process to quickly understand multiplayer map problems and quickly test ideas, pursuing an Alternate Ground.